The PBT Group family

PBT Group South Africa

PBT Group South Africa (previously Prescient Business Technologies) was established in 1998 and are technology agnostic Data Specialists offering custom-made Data and Analytics services and solutions that transform information to create valuable insights and predictions for business success.

As a leading Data & Analytics and Information Specialist company, PBT Group provides services and creates solutions that capitalise on data-driven insights, to make well-timed, intuitive business decisions that consistently position the Group’s clients ahead of the curve. PBT Group is a data specialist that takes ownership of a client’s challenges – transforming the client’s data into a tangible asset that will greatly assist in streamlining the client’s business operations as well as their predictive and analytical capabilities.

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PBT Group South Africa are technology agnostic Data Specialists

PBT Group Europe

PBT Group Europe, with its head office in Amsterdam, Netherlands, was established in 2018. PBT Group has been working with clients in European markets for a number of years – and with the rapid expected growth in the EU Data Economy, PBT Group recognised the immense opportunity this offers and the decision was taken to formally establish presence in the EU with a local footprint.

With strategic partnerships signed in 2019 with companies in the Netherlands, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Germany, PBT Europe is well-positioned to support datarelated projects across Western Europe, onsite and remotely.

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PBT Group Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of PBT Group Limited.

PBT Group UK

Since 2016 PBT Group has, in association with a UK based partner, provided services (Projects, Managed Services, 24×7 Support) to clients in the UK. Whilst PBT Group UK (a subsidiary of PBT Group) was established in 2020, more recent local presence provides expert, in person capability, complemented by offshore capacity.

No language barrier, similar time zones, and a well-established model enables PBT Group UK to deliver quality, commercially attractive data specialist services. The end-to-end Data & Analytics service offering, on premise or in the cloud, is furthermore supported through partnerships with technology – and cloud service providers, as well as many certified consultants within the Group.

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PBT Group UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of PBT Group Limited.


PBTit’s prime focus is on the health administration sector. The company has over one million hours of Health Care application development and implementation experience. PBTit has a solid track record and in-depth knowledge and experience of the South African and Botswana Healthcare markets and their related interfaces, boasting a proud number of satisfied customers over a period of more than 25 years.

Being part of PBT Group enables PBTit to draw on various expert skills within the Group, which further strengthens and enhances its solution offering within the Healthcare sector.

Professional Services

  • A stable and reliable software platform managing millions of medical aid lives at a very competitive price.
  • Solid medical aid administration experience.
  • A proven and stable technology platform.
  • Uniquely customised products as per client requirements based on standard modules.
  • Constant rejuvenation of products.
  • Customised version of the client’s software.
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Solid track record

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In-depth knowledge and market experience

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Years of satisfied customers