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Job Title
Senior Solutions Architect
Employment Type
Full Time
6 to 20 years
Job Published
23 November 2022
Job Reference No.

Job Description

The Solution Architect primarily works with the product owner team by providing business process alignment and technical leadership to craft a solution that is fit for purpose from a business perspective. Consequently they focus their attention on both smaller and large facet of the solution to make sure that it engineered and fit the operate model

Focuses on the technical and business feasibility of a solution and ensure that it fits within well-established patterns and guidelines laid down by the enterprise architects and Lead solution architects.

Takes responsibility for the quality, commercial compliance and technical integrity of the solution being delivered back into the business.

Works actively with senior technology / platform systems analysts from across the operational space (both internal subject matter experts and those of the chosen suppliers).

Work with other domain architects in the program including cloud infrastructure, technology and domain specific architects.


Skills, Qualifications and Experience required:

  • Matric
  • B Sc
  • IT Technical skills. (AWS, APIs, Serverless)
  • Software modelling.
  • Grasp of IT concepts, patterns, principles
  • Policy Administration knowledge
  • Cloud certification



  • Strategic
  • Change as a Way of Executing
  • Leading with influence
  • Collaboration (Diversity & Inclusion)
  • Agile Innovation
  • Customer First, Personal Mastery (Lifelong Learning)




  • Ensures delivery fits within the guidelines laid down by the enterprise / solution practice architects and is in compliance with the IT strategy.
  • Oversees the implementation of new solutions to ensure they adhere to the signed off solution architecture designs.


Financial Control

  • Understands the fiscal components of a solution to ensure it satisfies the commercial requirements of the business and is sustainable, adaptable and practical within the RUN model.


Personal Effectiveness

  • Ability to operate in a dedicated agile environment and to use typical agile method tools
  • Ability to explain the complex in laymans terms to bring technology to the masses
  • Accepts and lives the company values
  • Accountable for service delivery through own efforts
  • Collaborates effectively with others to achieve personal results.
  • Individually accountable for managing own time, tasks and output quality for periods of 3 months to 1 year.
  • Plans workload vs work demand for a small team of solution architects.



  • Models and defines the financial implications and considerations of potential solutions.
  • Models, defines and collaborates around designs with business and enterprise stakeholders.
  • Provides options and recommendations to business stakeholders to ensure that they can make the best business decisions based on the different solution alternatives and patterns.


Technical Consultation

  • Analyses business processes to determine how IT investment could deliver value through improved cycle times, lower costs, improved quality.
  • Builds the detailed transition plan for the more effective exploitation of IT investments.
  • Defines a solution and ensure that it:
    • Meets the business requirements
    • Meets the non-functional requirements
    • Fits within the guidelines laid down by the enterprise / solution practice architects
    • Is in compliance with the IT strategy.
    • Can be readily leveraged by other parts of the business
  • Responds to stakeholder needs and influences the development of alternative solutions.