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Job Title
Data Architect
Employment Type
Full Time
6 to 25 years
Job Published
26 September 2023
Job Reference No.

Job Description

PBT Group has an opportunity for a Data Architect for a project in Sandton, Johannesburg.


The scope for Data Architecture is to design and implement a well-structured and efficient data architecture that supports an organization's data needs and aligns with its overall business strategy. They play a critical role in enabling data-driven decision-making and fostering data-driven innovation within the organization.



  • Data Integration and Management: Design, build and implement data integration solutions for the whole value chain. This may involve using Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage, Databricks, Azure Purview and other relevant Azure services.
  • Data Platform Architecture: Provide new and improve upon existing data platform architectures and data patterns and maintain Data & Analytics Architecture Playbook.
  • Real-time Data Processing: Design real-time data processing pipelines using technologies like Azure Stream Analytics.
  • Data Analytics and Visualization: Design data analytics solutions using Azure services like Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI to provide meaningful insights to the company's decision-makers.
  • Data Security and Compliance: Ensure the implementation of robust data security measures to protect all data.
  • Automation Management: Design and Implement an automated and sustainable data orchestration and quality solution to ensure reliable and readily available data.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Design data solutions with built-in redundancy and backup strategies to ensure data availability in case of any disruptions.
  • Data Governance and Data Quality: Implementing data governance practices to ensure data accuracy, reliability, and consistency. Establishing and rolling-out data quality controls and monitoring mechanisms to maintain the integrity of critical data.
  • Collaboration with Subject Matter Experts: Collaborate closely with subject matter experts to understand their unique data requirements and challenges. Collaborate with teams and customers to scope and deliver POCs and POVs.
  • Project delivery: Contributing to the overall success of the assigned project by designing and implementing a well-structured, scalable, and efficient data architecture that meets the specific requirements of the project and the business objectives.
  • Cost Optimization: Design cost-effective data architectures that enable high performance.
  • Documentation and Knowledge Transfer: Proper documentation of the data architecture, design decisions, and implementation details. Improve on the existing standards for the entire data value chain.


Specific Outcomes

  • Scalable Data Architecture and data solutions, e.g. integrated Master Data Architecture.
  • Optimization of the data management processes.
  • Update Data and Analytics Architecture Playbook (Processes, Approach, Strategy Translation Approach, and other).
  • PoC for data patterns and architecture as per the Innovation Backlog.
  • Enable Data value and Data Literacy Initiatives, e.g. build an inventory of data needed to implement the approved architecture.
  • Perform Knowledge Transfer to the identified stakeholders/ data citizens on a regular basis.


Skills and Experience Required:

  • 5+ years of experience in data architecture and data modelling.
  • Understanding and experience with data cloud computing technologies such as – Azure Synapse, Azure Data Factory, SQL, Azure Data Explorer, Power BI, PowerApps, Hadoop, YARN, Apache Spark, Azure Data Lake Gen2, Azure Event Hub , Azure IoT hub, and Databricks.
  • Experience with SQL and data visualization and report authoring skills.
  • Ability to work and communicate effectively across disciplines and teams.
  • Demonstratable understanding of data design fundamentals (data structures, algorithms, async programming patterns, object-oriented design, parallel programming).
  • In-depth understanding of Business Data Architecture with Core ERP and OT Architectures.
  • DevOps experience with GIT and CI/CD.
  • TOGAF will be an advantage.


Qualifications/ Certification:

  • BS or MS degree in Computer Science or Engineering OR equivalent years of work experience.



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